Clinic History

“Éonus” includes “Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center” and “Éonus Dento Facial Care”. Founder Dr. Allen Tong studied medicine in the United States, and is an American Board Certified Orthodontist. Dr. Tong practiced medicine in the U.S. for eight years. During that period, Dr. Tong perceived the high medical standards of orthodontics in the U.S., which holds a leading position in academic research and clinical treatment worldwide. Furthermore, in terms of quality of care, orthodontics in the U.S. has outstanding medical ethics, professionalism, attitude, and management concepts. After returning to Taiwan, Dr. Tong set out to contribute his knowledge by providing professional orthodontic treatment using the American specialty referral system. In 1993, he founded “Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center” to provide professional orthodontic services. In 2014, Dr. Tong expanded the specialist clinic to an oral medicine center of general professional treatment, and established “Éonus Dento Facial Care”. Committed to becoming a first-rate international medical team, Dr. Tong hopes to continue expanding their scope of medical services.

The Founding of Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center

“Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center” was founded in 1993 by Dr. Allen Tong. In his early years, Dr. Tong was admitted into Illinois State University (acclaimed by The West Point of Orthodontics) with honors to receive clinical training in orthodontics. In 1983, Dr. Tong successfully obtained the Certificate of Orthodontic Specialist, and began practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Widely praised in his practice, he continued to accumulate clinical experience, learn updated technology, and cultivate his clinic management skills. During this period, Dr. Tong served as the department chair of the Department of Orthodontics at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. In 1992, Dr. Tong accepted the position of visiting lecturer at Taichung Veterans General Hospital, and found that Taiwan was in great need of orthodontic professionals. Thus, he decided to stay in Taiwan to contribute his knowledge by conducting professional orthodontic treatment using the American specialty referral system. In 1993, “Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center” was founded to provide professional orthodontic services.

The Founding of Éonus Dento Facial Care

With the change in lifestyle in Taiwanese society, people’s demand for professional quality has grown exponentially.  From long-term observation, Dr. Allen Tong examined America’s self-governing specialty referral systems, and found that patients had to travel a long distance to different specialized medical units. It was often time-consuming and inconvenient, and it was also harder to grasp the quality of care of other medical divisions. To enhance professional quality and service, Dr. Tong invited Dr. Tong Ching, Dr. Cheng Zheng-Xian, and other physicians with a common vision to expand the specialist clinic into an oral medicine center of general professional treatment. Éonus Dento Facial Care” was established on November 11, 2014, and along with “Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center”, it provides the public with comprehensive, high-quality oral health care. There are 8 separate treatment rooms, including 5 general dentistry rooms and 3 operating rooms.

Éonus International Health Care

Coinciding with the prevalence of international medical treatment, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) statistics state that international medical treatment has an annual growth rate of nearly 15%. Taiwan has excellent medical technology and rich cultural heritage. By cultivating the cultural literacy of the exceptional physicians in Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center and Éonus Dento Facial Care’s medical teams, they can maintain their leadership positons in oral and maxillofacial correction. Catering to needs, the medical teams of Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center and Éonus Dento Facial Care have established a premium, professional, and high-quality general oral medical center that meets rigorous international standards. Éonus Specialty Orthodontic Center and Éonus Dento Facial Care’s physicians have all received professional American training. Serving as the core competence of the medical team, they maintain the competitiveness of high-end technology. The physicians also continue to study further and improve themselves. In addition, the clinics’ focus on service management and requirement for treatment quality have sincerely obtained the confidence and trust of patients.